Thursday, June 9, 2011

For Sale!

We have got to raise another big chunk of money quickly. We will have court next week (hopefully) and then we immediately need to send money for them to start working on getting passports and visas for the kids. I'm selling these flower clips and headbands. Will ship for $2.00.

This small flower on a headband is $5.00

Large flower on headband $6.00

Large flower clips are $5.00 and small ones are $3.50


Bailey said...

Hi mrs. Bowling! my name is Bailey and I go to cornerstone church of Knoxville and are friends with melanie knapp. I saw a link to this on her blog and I would love to buy one! How would we make the transaction? Thanks! -Bailey

TheBowlingFamily said...

Hi Bailey....if you want to email me which one you want, then you can mail a check or pay through paypal. :o) My email address is stephbowling @ gmail . com