Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tie Dye and Mud Pies

We've had a fun week so far. The kids have been begging to do some tie dying. I went to buy the stuff, but, when I saw these little kits...I felt like it was worth it. We got more colors and the squirt bottles made it a lot easier. The boys are so proud of their shirts. Ethan begged to do some socks, underwear, and shorts. If it was up to him, he'd be tie dyed head to toe.

Yesterday we went to goodwill to find some utensils for making mud pies. Well, they were so overpriced, so we headed over to the dollar store and I let the boys each pick out a couple of things. They had fun for hours.

Also, yesterday while we were out...we stopped in Old Navy. Luke managed to knock over one of the mannequins! I think it really embarrassed and scared him...which may be a good thing. I think it was a good natural consequence for him doing what I've asked him not to do over and over.

Sweet Pea got in trouble so she had to watch from inside. :o)

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