Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer School!

My kids have been doing school all summer without even knowing it!   They took it upon themselves to make insect and bird journals.   They wrote down really great descriptions and notes on their observations.   I gave absolutely no direction or prompting on this.  They just honestly enjoy it.  They have caught some amazing insects and watched some pretty cool stuff.   They sat and watched the milkweed in the field by our house for days until Ethan was finally able to catch a Monarch butterfly.   We caught a large praying mantis, which was awesome because the mantis eggs were a failure.  They have been catching and feeding bugs to it.   They are fascinated by watching it eat it's prey.   I noticed Ethan with his butterfly net under our hummingbird feeder and I laughed and thought he'd never catch one.   Well...he proved me wrong a few minutes later.   We were all jumping up and down screaming with excitement.  It was such a wonderful experience.  He was very careful and only held it for a minute and then released it.  We've done several bird bandings a Tremont.  Ethan took Tobacco Hornworms from the garden and we got to watch them become chrysalis's.   We are waiting for the moths to emerge now!  I love how my kids love creation! 

On Independence Day we got sparklers and then watched an amazing fireworks show from our back door!

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