Sunday, July 20, 2014

First Week of School 2014

This week the 3 big kids were able to attend a week long day camp at Fort Loudoun State Park.   This was such a wonderful experience that I could just gush on and on about it and not do it justice.   The rangers were in character and uniform and I think they had as much fun as the kids.   Throughout the week they learned to march and follow all the commands they needed to know to be part of the King's army.   They learned to do laundry, extract bullets, pull teeth, they followed a naturalist through the woods, they were ambushed while on a hike, spent time with some Cherokee, etc, etc, etc.    On the final day of camp, the parents were on the inside of the fort armed with water balloons.   We watched as the kids came marching in formation down the hill around the fort singing and following commands. They stayed in formation, with huge smiles on their faces, as we blasted them with balloons.  As the came around to the rear gate they stormed the fort and broke through a large banner with French soldiers painted on it...and of course, we used the rest of our ammunition on them.   It was so much fun!    They then fired the cannons and some large gun for the kids.   I was so impressed and we definitely hope to do it again!  This was the best first week of school ever!   The kids are geared up and ready to hit the books tomorrow.  

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Anonymous said...

Wow looks like fun, hopefully they do it again next year.