Tuesday, May 13, 2014


We've been able to watch so many birds nesting lately and it's been so fun.   The kids have watched the nests built, eggs laid and hatched and even the birds eventually fly away.   

This egg is from a nest that Robins made in our hen house. 

It flew out of the nest and was hopping around.   We put it back up in the nest and it flew away today.

A new Robin's nest in our yard.

Chickadee nest

Our bees are keeping us busy lately.  We are in the process of going to all foundationless frames.  There are many reasons to do this.   When our beekeeper friend came over, he was upset with us for doing it and we thought we had made a big mistake.  However, after further research we really feel it's what we want to do and are going to move forward with it.   We are excited and nervous.  It's amazing how quickly bees can fill out a frame with no foundation.   

We stopped to take a look at a Heron rookery a few weeks ago.   A hawk flew right over our heads with a snake in it's talons.

We drove to Knoxville one day to hang out with my sister and niece and nephew.  We went to the farmer's market over there and had so much fun.   We got some Cruze Dairy ice cream.  The lavender-honey flavor was delicious!  We are going to try to make our own soon.

The kids have been doing tons of reading and enjoying being outdoors.

We're pleasantly surprised with our garden so far.   We've been harvesting lots of lettuce, spinach, chard and radishes.   We have lots of other stuff doing well.   I've started almost everything from seed and I can't believe how well some of my plants are doing since I don't really know what I 'm doing.  

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