Friday, May 2, 2014

Impromptu Field Trips

So....after we drove the 45 minutes to take the baby robin to the vet...and it didn't make it...we decided to take advantage of the free stuff in Knoxville.   We first headed to the McClung Museum.  We've been listening to G.A. Henty's Cat of Bubastes so we all really enjoyed the Ancient Egypt Exhibit.    After hanging out there, we headed over to the Knoxville Museum of Art.   They had different exhibits from last night and they were so neat!   At the McClung Museum we learned a lot about how Egyptians and the people of Mesopotamia made glass.   At the Art Museum they had a whole room of glass art!  It was really interesting.  I love homeschooling.  If you had asked me last summer...I would have said I didn't...I was burnt out.  But, I'm learning to "do school" totally different and we are all enjoying it so much.   The amazing thing is my kids are learning SO much more than I could have imagined.   

Next door the the Museum of Art is the Chocolate Factory, so, we had to stop in there!

These were just taken with my point and shoot so they're not good.  I just couldn't help capture the beauty on our drive home.  God is so good!

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