Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Favorite Time of Year!

Fall has been my favorite time of year since I moved to Tennessee.   Growing up in Florida, I pretty much just had Summer my whole life.   I love everything about fall.   Today Luke said, Fall is my favorite season!  We've been enjoying being outside so much.   We've had a huge change in moving to this house.  The house is smaller, which is fine, we're just still trying to get rid of things and organize, which is a very big challenge for me.   We're also in a neighborhood surrounded by lots of other houses.   We have a fenced in yard that's a decent size.   I started a tiny small garden, just to see if I could grow a few things.  I've got some radishes, swiss chard, kale and peas coming up.   So, I'll be glad if those do well.   We also got our first batch of broiler chickens.   They'll be ready to butcher at the end of November.   We're so excited!   It will be nice to have  a freezer full of chickens  that we raised organically and mostly on grass.   We'll be getting a few hens and a rooster this week.   They are bantams so will fit in our little yard.   I'm not really sure why we're getting them, other than we love chickens.   2 eggs from them won't really make a big difference, but we're all super excited!  

We've been doing so much more reading out loud as a family and during school.   The kids beg for more!   They just love it and are learning and retaining so much just from reading living books.  

I've also taken up crocheting.   My grandmother taught me years ago and a friend just encouraged me to start again and I'm so glad.   I took her advice and started doing it while the kids are reading out loud to me.  I get so much done and don't feel the need to hurry them along or feel like it's NEVER GOING TO END.  

We've had some extremely tough days I'm thankful for a beautiful day like today.  It was refreshing!

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