Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Chad and I decided to visit Monticello on Sunday since it was only 30 minutes from where we were staying.  There is so much about Thomas Jefferson that we love.  The home was beautiful, his inventions were so clever, the gardens were spectacular.  However, there was such a huge damper put on it, for me, knowing that it was all only accomplished because of the slaves he owned.  The literally had to flatten the top of the mountain and cut out a ridge for the sprawling garden.  I've heard many justifications for him when it comes to slavery.  I understand that's the "way it was" and he even inherited slaves.  But, he knew it was wrong, yet he continued the practice.  These sorts of things have gone on throughout history and still go on today, even in America, just in a different way.   Despite the inner struggle that went on in me, I had a great time.   I love history and gardening, and this tour was full of both!

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