Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WARNING: Frog guts!

Today we had an awesome day.  We did our basics and then headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.   The kids had been catching frogs yesterday and put them in the little "pond" in our yard.   They immediately went to check on them.   One of them had already started acting funny yesterday and had some weird bulges and bruises on it.  Today it died.   So, Ethan decided to dissect it.   He used the a diagram to take out and identify each organ.  He loved and learned so much!  I was amazed.  I dissected several animals throughout school but just managed to get through without throwing up.  I have no interest in that sort of all.  I love that homeschooling allows us to let the kids really take off in things that interest them.  I know they retain so much more!   

The kids also pulled each other and themselves up a tree with a rope.  

Chad is also building a chicken shelter for some meat chickens.   The kids have had a blast helping him.  Moses is just obsessed with his daddy these days and always wants to be right by his side.  It's the sweetest thing. 

I've been trying to take things more the direction that Charlotte Mason taught.  So, for science we've been reading a book by Thornton Burgess.  I've been amazed at how much you can actually learn from living books.  The kids beg to keep reading everyday. 


sarah in the woods said...

Stephanie, it sounds like you are enjoying school a lot more these days. Larkin loved the Thornton Burgess books (and so did I as a kid.)
Fancy Pants turned out to be a rooster. Do you want him back?

TheBowlingFamily said...

Oh no! I hate that! I bet he's pretty! Let me talk to Chad...probably not, we are in a neighborhood with houses close by right now and not really supposed to have them at all. :( What is Larkin reading these days? I'm always looking for new stuff to challenge Ethan that he will enjoy.

sarah in the woods said...

Hardy boys and library books on various subjects he's interested in and newspaper comics. I think reading for history will be picking up soon and that will be good. (living books with truthquest as a guide. We're at the very beginning of history this year, which is fun and exciting, especially since it's from a completely Biblical perspective)