Thursday, January 17, 2013


Yesterday the kids were sloshing around in the little stream that's flooded beside our house!  Today they were playing in the snow!  This is the first time Christy and Moses had experienced it while falling!  It was so funny.  They did NOT like it at first.   Moses was kind of freaking out about it hitting his face.   Christy didn't like it and didn't come back out.   Moses all of a sudden just started running around and screaming like a wild man and over an hour later we had to make him come inside!   

LOL...this about explains it!

I finally had to go in and watch through the window before my fingers fell off.  
Luke was determined to make a snowman.  

I've never grown garlic before, but, I'm guessing it's not supposed to be up yet like this and must be confused by the weather?

Yay!  He did it!  

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Christy said...

You guys got a lot more than we did...I told mine we could stay out this morning until my toes got too cold. 40 mins. was about all it took to totally freeze my feet. Now, it's almost all gone. :( But I love the sunshine.