Monday, January 21, 2013

After our freezing weather, I walked out on our porch and found this spider's web that had frozen and I thought it was beautiful.  I wish I could have captured it better. 

Looking at this again, I got a much needed reminder of how God is in the details of my life.   I've felt alone lately (could it be because I've been stranded with no car for 2 weeks???).   God's been working on my heart and I've been struggling with being overwhelmed and wondering if I will ever change in some areas of my life.  There are some pretty ugly things in the dark corners of my heart and all I can say is I'm so thankful for His grace.   Over a year ago our church dissolved and we still haven't found a place to call home.  God has convicted us about some things, burdened our hearts for certain things, and given us deep desires for new things.   We've visited some great places...we're just trying to figure out where we are supposed to be and how we're supposed to live out what He's put on our hearts.  My two best friends moved to opposite sides of the world!  But, He has put some amazing people in my life.  My kids are amazing and doing so good...but, they're also needy and we're facing issues that I feel totally unqualified to handle.   I'm really struggling through and learning a lot from reading "When Helping Hurts".   I kind of feel like I'm just floundering around with no direction.  

So I need to recognize my deep need for Him right now. He has to be my best friend...healer for my children...lamp to my feet...solid rock for my whole life.   Sadly, I need that reminder sometimes.   Thankfully, I know He is waiting with arms open wide...all I have to do is run into them.

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Christy said...

Thanks for always being real and open on your blog. I know the Lord blesses when we put ourselves out there.

I'm being reminded of some of those things, too. God is everything we truly need...why do we run from Him like we do? Is it because we are scared of what He may require of us? Or do we just find ourselves too busy?

I'm having one of those days...where I know I haven't been in the Word and prayer times have been sporadic the last few days. I can feel it...the weight of everything just pushing in.

I know though that God is faithful and He is there just like you said waiting for us to run into His arms.

(Sorry for writing a book and hopefully it sounds at least I said it's been one of those days. :) )