Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Our Day...

We had a very full day!  It was great....especially since all of our kids are with us this year!   We started off bright and early and headed downtown with some hot coffee and breakfast casserole.   We drove around and ended up setting up on a side street and handed out our goodies.  The kids were great helpers.  This guy broke my heart.  His name is Arthur.   He seemed so destitute.  I watched him drop the piece of casserole we gave him on the ground littered with garbage and pick it right back up and eat it.   We got to pray with him and then the kids gathered around him and he just lit up!  Kids are such a blessing to us and to others!  It's amazing how everyone's countenance changed when the kids served them or shook their hand.  One man held Ethan's hand and said, "Well, you've just made my Christmas.".   We were so excited to run into some friends from Water Angels! It was SO fun!

Then we ran home and my side of the family came over for a good game of "dirty santa" and Papa and Nana handed out some gifts.   Then we headed over to have dinner with the other side of the family.  

We came home and got in our pj's and grabbed our stockings.   Everyone had written a letter or drawn a picture for each person and put it in their stockings.  It moves me to tears when I watch the kids read or listen to their letters.   You can tell it means so much to them.  Most of the time they are speechless or just say, "wow...thanks".   It makes me want to sit down and write letters like this to my kids more often.   It was a perfect end to the day.   

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Christy said...

What a great day!!! I love the letters traditions, I think we might do that next year!