Thursday, December 6, 2012

He is good

I remember writing this a year ago.  


I see tears streaming down her face and I cannot hold back my own. 
Her wounded one should have to know such pain.  
Her laughter hides deep sorrow.
Her's only hiding great fears.
Trust?  She cannot comprehend the meaning of the word...for she has been betrayed. has hope.
Yet she guards herself, for her hopes have been crushed before.
And now...she has the answer to her prayers but it seems, still, so far away.  
An aching heart...lonely and afraid.
How can one little heart handle so much?
How will these wounds heal?
It is not because of me.
I have held her...and left her.  
But there is one who holds her still.
His great arms of love and compassion are wrapped around her.
He sees her tears.
Her cries do not go unheard.
She is loved...with a deep, endless, indescribable love.
She has a father.
He sees her as precious, beautiful, worthy...a treasure.
She has captured His heart.
I love her deeply.
Yet, this love I feel for cannot compare.  

I had just come back from being with Christy and Moses for 2 weeks.   Leaving them was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.   There are no words to describe it.   Especially when I knew the living hell that I was leaving them in.  A year later...He has done so much.   

God is good.  

I remember last year when I was in the hospital for my 2nd ruptured tubal pregnancy emergency surgery.  A friend rushed in the room and all I could do was cry...I couldn't utter a word.   All she could say....God is good.

He is so good.   

Thinking about tomorrow.  I feel overwhelmed already.   Inadequate and failing most days.   Handing it over to Him.

He is good.  

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