Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ashes and Beauty

I laid down to get little Moses to sleep for his nap.
He still needs me there to go to sleep.  Sometimes it wears me out, I'm ready for a break.   Sometimes I am able to  soak it up and know that it's such a special time of bonding between him and I.

I cradle him in close to me.  Sometimes he goes right to sleep and then I slip out.

Today...he was in one of those moods.   He loves to give's the sweetest thing!

Grabbing the sides of my face, he pulls me in and gives a long, squishy kiss.

He plays with my eyelashes, sometimes almost pulling them out.

He plays with my lips, then squishes my face and snorts through his nose at how funny I look.

He smiles at me with that adorable grin and underbite.

The look in those sweet, black eyes...melts my heart.

Today, for some reason, tears started to flow.   I started to think of his "other mom".

My heart hurt for both of them.   She can't cradle him, kiss his chubby cheek, nuzzle him in close, sing songs to him to get him to sleep.   He is also missing out on her....her touch, her voice, smell.  

Man, it hurts.   Yes, adoption is beautiful and redemptive.  But, it only comes because of HUGE loss and heartbreak.   I am so thankful God blessed our home with these two beautiful children.  At the same time, I wish they didn't have to be so far away from Felisha.   They both look like her.  Christy has her raspy voice.   She loves to laugh and I have no doubt our kids get their big personalities from her.   I know a lot of people would say that adoption was God's "plan A".   But, I don't think so.   I think God brings beauty from ashes.  He can take something painful and heart wrenching and somehow make it beautiful.   He sets the lonely in families.  He comforts and restores.  He bottles the tears of the mother who did what she had to do.  He sees the sacrifice.  He bring justice.

Today is Orphan Sunday.

There are SO MANY children waiting.   So many.   Here and abroad.

However, there are also SO MANY vulnerable children in danger of becoming "orphans" and abroad.

There are SO MANY mothers who want to keep their children, but, don't know how they're going to be able to much longer.

There are so many great organizations helping in all of these areas.  We're praying about where God is leading us.   Please pray about what God would have you to do!   I know that orphan care is not the only ministry...there are so many important ones.  This is where God has burdened us at this point in our lives...if He has put orphan care on your heart...please respond!



WORLD VISION      (they have some awesome ways of keep families together)

SOLE REBELS  ( Something as simple as buying fair trade can help support mothers and fathers trying to keep their families together)

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Holding on to rainbows.. said...

I loved meeting the kids. You have such a big heart to be able to love like you do!