Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Punkim Patch

Yesterday marked 7 months that our kids have been home!  Time is flying!

We went out to pick apples yesterday but there were none left, so we just did a little hay ride out to a pumpkin patch.  The kids also got to feed some sheep and goats.  We also got to hang out with Mamaw, Aunt Jess and the cousins. 

I've always loved the way my kids have said "pumpkin".  It's just one of those words.

Moses loves Karley!

I think she gets prettier every day. 


He doesn't like to get his hands dirty except for when he's slinging mud at his brothers.  So, whenever he falls on his front his hands immediately go up and he just waits for someone to get him up! :)

We headed to a park after the farm and the kids played in the creek.  I told them they couldn't, but, it just happened gradually.  Someone stuck their hand in the water, then a toe, and before I knew it they were completely submerged!

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Sadie said...

Such great pictures! Everyone looks so happy!