Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Our Pet Alien

We have loved watching the hummingbirds around our house lately.   We watched them as they first arrived in spring and then we saw the babies start to come to our feeder a few weeks ago.   Now we're watching as they are very territorial.  One of them sits up in a branch near our porch or on top of the hook that holds the feeder.  As soon as another one approaches he dive bombs it!   It happens over and over.   Before this year I had never even seen a hummingbird roost.   They had only been a quick little blur. 

The praying mantis we found a few weeks ago has been doing well.   The kids catch food for it everday.   They have been scared to hold it but yesterday they finally worked up the nerve and they all held it.   It's the coolest thing!   I actually held it too!   Before I had boys I would have never even allowed that thing in my house.   Yesterday it hung out on the table and on their shirts as they walked around the house.   It almost seems to have a personality.   It's like a little alien!

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