Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Chickadees, Osprey, and Ice Cream

We have watched these chickadees from the time they started building their nest.   We got to see the eggs and the day they hatched.    They have been so fun to watch.  Yesterday we watched as they got one last meal from momma and then they started to fly away one by one.   They would first stick their head out and look all around.   Then, they would perch in the opening and teeter back and forth and then finally fly.   IT was so cute!   One of them let Luke stand and pet it on the head.   We've held them a lot so they are pretty used to us, I guess.    

Today we harvested some lavender blooms and some mint leaves from the garden.   We made some mint tea and honey-lavender ice cream.   It was all delicious!

The other day we saw some osprey by the Ft. Loudon Dam.   We pulled over to watch.  We spotted a nest and watched as the adult brought fish to the babies.  We also lots of Heron. 

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