Thursday, April 3, 2014

Goings on...

We continue to see so many different birds in our yard.  It's so fun to watch them!  There are male and female Red Bellied Woodpeckers that come by everyday.

Lots of little Wrens.

I'm reading Large Family Logistics and so far it's helped a lot.  We've implemented afternoon chore time instead of trying to get things done in the mornings.  It's made a huge difference for us.

We found the bottom of a bird bath in our woods so we bought a tray to go on top. 

Ethan caught a Brown Thrasher.   This guy is really fun to watch! 

We just started seeing these Brown Headed Nuthatches the other day.   They are really cute.

It seems like we've skipped spring and gone straight to summer!   That means lots of time playing in the water hose!

Sometimes big brothers are awesome!

Sometimes they can be a little annoying.

Well, very annoying.

We also got two more packages of bees and set up two more hives.   Our first two hives seem to be doing so good.   I'm so excited to get some of our own honey this year!   


Christy said...

I love your window stars!!!

TheBowlingFamily said...

Thanks Christy....we followed your instructions! :) I love them...they really are beautiful!