Monday, November 4, 2013

Ijams Nature Center

Last week we went to the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra's Young People's Concert.  It was our third time and we always enjoy it so much!   We haven't had a car during the day for almost 2 months because Chad has been on day shift, so we were so glad to be out!  So while we were in Knoxville we headed over to Ijams Nature Center.   We had the place to ourselves and it was just beautiful!   We sat on the hill and read some of the Burgess Bird Book.   Then the kids ran and played, found some bugs, frogs, and cool flowers.   It was threatening to storm so we headed inside.  I love the exhibits they have inside.  The kids each picked on exhibit to draw in their nature journals.  It was such a great trip.   I can't wait to make it out there again. 

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