Saturday, August 24, 2013

Exploring, Pretending, and Marveling

We've gotten a slow start to the school year due to our move.   We've been slowly unburying ourselves day by day.   I have been frustrated and overwhelmed daily by all the "stuff" around me.   I think this SLOW START has been a gift from God. A friend has been sharing with me some changes she's made inthe way her family does school.  I knew we needed a change, just didn't know what that looked like.   It's been a huge blessing to go from just getting through the school day without a complete meltdown, to having fun together.  

One day this week we took school to Fort Loudon.   We started out with a little hike, some swimming, exploring and good exercise.   Then, we had a little picnic lunch before we headed to the fort.   The kids were so excited as we talked about all that had taken place there.   After our short lesson they ran around playing hide and seek and then acting out the battle (unprompted) that took place there.   

We did some art and a few other things.  We watched as the skies quickly changed.   From where we were, we could see a storm rolling in.  We could actually see where the rain started and stopped.   We stood and watched the weather change while it stayed sunny and dry where we were.   We all marveled at God's creation!  

I'm so, so thankful for the opportunity to homeschool my kids!   

I'm also thankful we've found our silverware.  And Chad's razor.  

They were not in timeout...they were counting for hide and seek.

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