Monday, August 15, 2011

Guys Night Out

Chad has been taking the boys out for one on one time periodically. They absolutely LOVE it! I love it too. Chad is such a great daddy. He really enjoys the time with them and tries to make the most of it. They've been going fishing, but, tonight Ethan wanted to hike up to Look Rock. So, they took a picnic and headed up there. Ethan was beaming when they came back. I think that time really means a lot to him. I like it because it also gives me one on one time with them. Tonight Luke and I played "Bonopoly" for about an hour and a half! He's so sweet and just loves to have you all to himself. Here are some pics from Chad and Ethan's trip (Ethan was very proud of the fact that he took many of these pictures). :)

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