Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ethan is Growing up!

Ethan turned 4 years old's so hard to believe! He seems to be growing up so fast. He has started saying that he wants his own car and his own house and than he wants to be a daddy just like his dadday. Then he'll say, "'s taking TOO LONG for me to grow up!". He's so funny. He's really turning into a neat kid. He loves being a big brother...for the most part. We went today and let him pick out a bike for his birthday. He was so excited! His favorite part is "the cup holding thing that's a cup holder that holds a water bottle". He also thinks the brake on the handle bars is pretty awesome. Of course...he got a Spiderman helmet to top it all off. I just love him so much. I think I might end up being one of those overbearing mother in laws someday that just can't let their little boy go....I know....he's only 4....but, it's going by SO FAST!!! Okay...enough of are some pics of him and his new bike.

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