Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Welcome Sadie!

Well, we have welcomed a new addition to our family. Sadie is a 3 year old beagle that was given to us by a co-worker of Chad's. We are keeping her for a few days to see if we will keep her for good. But, I think it's already to late to turn back now. Ethan only refers to her as "my dog"...not Sadie...."my dog". She is laying at the end of his bed right now. Chad already had to chase her across the street, but, she still seems to be a great dog. She is quiet, yet playful. So, after weeks of Ethan telling us, with that pitiful look on his face, that he "doesn't have a pet" and he "really, really needs one"....he finally got his wish.


Michelle said...

Good Luck!!! Ours is still not potty trained. Also, he chews everything we own. But like you said we can't turn back now. We have already fallen in love with the little terd!!!

Anonymous said...


Michelle said...

First of all, you should always put your name on your message so we'll know who you are!!! Second, the Urban Dictionary allows me to spell it TERD!!!